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March 27, 2024

🖼️ Updated References

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Initially you would add reference images based of verified links. Now we've added the ability to allow for reference images to be uploaded directly.

1) Upload Reference Images

New Options for Reference Images

2) Remove Reference Images Easily

your image alt text

You can also remove the references added by clicking on the trash icon.

🤝 Minor Updates Include
  • added a reminder modal
  • added banned word filter
  • added credit option for all feature
  • ability to delete reference images

For any additional feature you'd like to see, review our roadmap 🗺️

March 15, 2024

🥇 New Credit System & Onboarding

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Due to popular demand, we have added an image credit system.

Here's the process of purchasing and getting new credits:

1) Credit Counter

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All pro accounts get 700 image credits per month, but it does not carry month to month. Free accounts only get 14 credits when they first join.

Notably, it takes 8 image credits to generate an image. If your credit count is less than 8 images, you will need to purchase additional credits to generate images.

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You can purchase 250 credits for only $3 allowing you to refill new image credits.

2) New Onboarding Setup

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All new and existing users will have a proper onboarding sequence. This showcases the workflow of typing a prompt, choosing aspect ratios & styles, and then generate images.

🤝 Minor Updates Include
  • updates on the landing page
  • added Twitter to settings (link)
  • removed magic link signing option

For any additional feature you'd like to see, review our roadmap 🗺️

February 26, 2024

So. many. upgrades

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The team has been shipping some highly requested features.

Here are two notable ones we are super proud of.

Let's get into it!

Add Reference Images

We've added the option for reference images. You can find this on the left sidebar where you create images. This allows you create images that are closer to your imagination. The reference images must be a public link that is accessible to anyone. Eventually we will build a way to store them for future use:

reference images

Switch to the v6 Model

This has been our most highly requested feature. You can now easily switch between v5 and v6 Midjourney model. We provide v5 as a default.

change settings

For any additional feature you'd like to see, review our roadmap 🗺️

February 5, 2024

Release: Improved Customer Feedback Systems 🤝

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Our current and future customers are always top of mind.

Here are two projects we've built to improve our relationship with our users.

📮 Feature Board

We're released our Feature Board - allowing anyone to request and view new features for us to build.

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It will also be an ongoing updated area where you can view our roadmap and current focuses.

You can request new features [here].

💌 Message the Team

At the bottom right of most pages you can find our messaging system. This is a direct access to our team.

We typically respond within a 8 hour period.

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January 16, 2024

✦ Introducing: Journey+

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Midjourney has the largest discord server in the world (17M+ members)

But it still doesn't have an interface.

We're excited to announce Journey+ 🚀

You no longer need to use Discord to access Midjourney

Main Features:

  1. Describe your image
  2. Make precise edits
  3. View history

Note: we are currently limiting access to the platform to 50 people.